Reservation, renewal, ordering library materials

Ordering library materials from other UNG locations

Students and UNG staff can order library materials by e-mail: Printed library materials can be delivered by internal courier mail to the desired UNG location, electronic library materials can be delivered by e-mail.

Reservation and renew

You can make library materials reservation or renew a library item: personally in the library, by e-mail, by phone or by user profile in COBISS+ .

Interlibrary loan

Materials not available at UNG can be ordered from other Slovenian libraries or from libraries abroad. The service is payable (except for UNG employees) and is charged per price list.

The order must contain the following information:

  • for books: title, author and year of publication;
  • for articles: title, author and scope of the article, title, year, and edition number.

Please send an order to the e-mail address:

Proposals for acquisition of materials

You can send proposals for acquisition of books / periodicals by e-mail:

The service is intended primarily for teachers, but we will also consider the wishes of students if there are many proposals for individual materials.