Laser-based analytics

Interests and Projects

  • Development of laser-based spectroscopic methods for identification and determination of toxic and bioactive compounds in environment (pesticides, heavy metals, toxins), food (allergens, biogenic amines, antioxidants), and various processes
  • Highly sensitive novel analytical methods, such as thermal lens spectrometry (TLS), are coupled to bioanalytical techniques (acetylcholinesterase – AChE, transglutamninaze, and ELISA bioassays), flow injection analysis (FIA) and liquid chromatography.
  • Microscopic TLS (TLM) is applied as detection technique for lab-on-chip chemistry and study of processes on microspace and in microfluidic systems
  • Photothermal beam deflection spectrometry is applied to study thermal and optical properties of thin nanofilms of photocatalysts and organic semiconductors for photovoltaic cells as well as carbon nanomaterials