Prof. dr. Mattia Fanetti

Education and Professional Qualifications

Master degree in Physics (cum laude) at Catholic University of Sacred Heart (campus of Brescia, Italy). Thesis title: “Morphology of the self-organized ordered structures of pentacene on Cu(119) vicinal surface”. Supervisor: prof. M. Sancrotti

Phd degree in physics at the “School of Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics” of University of Milan. Thesis title: “Building nanostructures at surfaces: growth and morphology investigation”. Supervisors: prof. M. Sancrotti and dr. L. Gavioli.

Previous positions

February 2009-February 2012
Research collaborator at Sincrotrone Trieste S.c.p.a. The research project is devoted to the investigation of morphological, structural and transport properties of semiconductor nanowires for sensing applications. Coordinator: dr. Andrea Goldoni. Supervisor: dr. Silvia Rubini.

January 2008-January 2009
Research fellowship at University of Trieste. Project title: “Influence of spin and orbital degrees of freedom on electronic properties and conductivity of organic/metal and organic/semiconductor interfaces”. Supervisor: prof. Silvio Modesti.

November 2006-December 2007
Research collaborator at Catholic University of Sacred Heart (campus of Brescia). Project title: New micro-structured electrodes for ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG)”. Coordinator: dr. Luca Gavioli

Area of research

Mattia Fanetti’s research activity has been mainly devoted on synthesis and characterization of a wide variety of nanostructures (self-organized organic molecule thin films, metal clusters of surfaces, semiconductor nanowires, nanostructures obtained by lithography, etc.). At present, his research is focused on the study of the morphology ad the photo-active properties of semiconductors (e.g. GaAs) nanowires and oxides (ZnO, TiO2, CuO) porous nanostructures for photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications.