About the school

Graduate school is thus not only a place where graduate study programmes are carried out, but in a first place a creative environment where students, researchers and experts from different fields and institutions meet with a common goal to create new basic and applied knowledge.

Graduate school joins and carries out all doctoral study programmes which are formed in the field of one or more connected scientific disciplines. Individual programmes are closely linked with research laboratories, centers and institutes at University of Nova Gorica or other research institutions in Slovenia or abroad, where graduate students can perform their research work or have the opportunity to participate in the international research projects and processes.

United graduate school with closely linked graduate study programmes enables maximal possibility of choice and interdisciplinarity in forming individual doctoral study programmes. Applying European accumulation and transfer credit system (ECTS), each student can select most appropriate courses for his research orientation from a vast palette offered by complementary graduate study programmes. In this way a very effective transfer of knowledge to younger generations is enabled and, at the same time, new knowledge is developed in a harmonic relation between students, professors and researchers in laboratories.

Doctoral study programmes

Dean and the Senate

prof.dr. Iztok Arčon

+386 5 33 15 227 • E-pošta


Graduate school does not have its own Senate. All its obligations, duties and competences are carried out by the Senate of University of Nova Gorica.