Methods in linguistic theory

This course is part of the programme
Doctoral study programme Cognitive Science of Language

Objectives and competences

To enable the students to independently obtain linguistic data from informants (as opposed to secondary sources, e.g. books, reports etc.) and to analyze raw informant data

• Ability to conduct independent field work in linguistics
• Ability to interact with informants during formulation and analysis of interesting and theoretically significant problems in linguistics


“Introduction to Syntax” and “Introduction to phonology”


The course focuses on the methodologies of obtaining raw language data from native informants. The data so obtained will be analyzed using theoretical tools introduced in the introductory theoretical courses.

Intended learning outcomes

Basic knowledge of field work in linguistics.


The readings will be determined based on the particular language discussed in the course.


Homework assignments and final term paper (50% / 50%).

Lecturer's references

Associate professor of Linguistics at the University of Gorica (prof. dr. Rok Žaucer).


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