Directed research II

This course is part of the programme
Doctoral study programme Cognitive Science of Language

Objectives and competences

Quality research work leading to the doctoral degree. In the context of Directed Research II, the student completes writing their “qualifying” paper and defends it. In principle, it is expected that the student adopts their “qualifying” paper as the basis for his doctoral thesis and so continues work on the topic selected for the “qualifying” paper. In the context of this course, the student also prepares a proposal for a dissertation topic.
• Ability to do independent research in the selected research area
• Ability to search for literature and relevant data for the student’s research work


The obligatory courses in this program.


Depends on with a specific research topic decided upon with the help of the mentor.

Intended learning outcomes

Detailed knowledge of the topic selected for the Directed Research.


Depends on a specific topic of the directed research.


Research report and successful defense of the “qualifying” paper. 50/50