Basics in molecular biology and biotechnology

Objectives and competences

The main goal of the “Introductory Course”, is to provide one-week extensive initial training to First-year PhD students, to provide them basic background knowledge, at the beginning of the academic year, necessary to be introduced the various fields of research.

Different group leaders provide to students a presentation of their research activities and projects and students will be also introduced to research facilities running at UNG and ICGEB.




• Background introductory lectures related to UNG and ICGEB research activities in the following topics: DNA replication, recombination and repair, RNA processing and micro RNA metabolism, regulation of gene expression, dynamic organization of nuclear structure and function, protein synthesis and interactions, protein structure, cell cycle and cancer, human molecular genetics, animal models of human disease, molecular genetics of yeast, molecular genetics of Drosophila, molecular genetics of bacteria, introduction to animal virology, molecular and cellular immunology, bioinformatics.
• Tutorials in informatics, proteomics, microscopy, flow cytometry, analytical methods, safety procedures.
• Presentation of group leaders and presentation of research projects
• Presentation of institutional technical facilities
• Recommended readings and further personalized tutorials according to specific student’s needs.

Intended learning outcomes

• Students learn basic knowledge of molecular biology and biotechnology.
• Students are introduced to technical facilities at ICGEB and UNG.
• Students meet scientists and researcher community and learn different research interests at ICGEB and UNG.


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• Literature relevant for the course.


Questionnaire 100%

Lecturer's references

Radovan Komel is full professor in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Ljubljana.

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