Advanced topics in economics of cultural heritage and creativity

This course is part of the programme
Doctoral study programme Cultural Heritage Studies

Objectives and competences

• To provide the ability to critically evaluate the literature on the economic od culture, to gain appreciation of the nature of economic debate, to understand empirical challenges that arise correlating different variables inherent in economic debate;
• To update students, through open discussion and presentation among peers, with the contemporary research trends in the field of economics of culture;
• To train students to critically analyse, understand and use data resources, empirical techniques and undertaking of research project;
• To consolidate the holistic approach to the research


• Seminars, open discussions in different fields of knowledge involved in economics of art, focusing on contemporary research perspectives and trends in the field of economics of cultural heritage.
• In particular the course will offer advanced lectures on the creative place making and industries, cultural policy, performing arts, heritage, artists' labour markets, copyright, broadcasting, film and music, festivals, museums, cities of culture, creative clusters;

Intended learning outcomes

• Student’s capacity to pursue independent bibliographical research within broad and complex range of topics inherent to heritage studies
• Publication and communication potential, learning interactive –scientific discussion
• Successful written and public presentation of research proposal focusing on critical presentation of bibliographical background related to the contemporary research trends


Selected literature may differ each year and will be given accordingly to the selected thematic field.


• Active participation in classroom • Written report

Lecturer's references

Xavier Greffe is professor of economics at the University Paris I, where he chairs the economics of arts postgraduate program; Associate professor at the National Graduate Institute for Public Policies, Tokyo; and Adjunct professor to the Auckland Institute of Technology (New Zealand). He chairs the National French Committee on artistic employment in France. He has published articles and books in economics of arts and media, the most recent being:
- Economie Globale (Dalloz, 2009),
- La politique culturelle en France (2009, La documentation française),
- Culture Web (2008, Dalloz),
- Artistes et marchés (La documentation française, 2007)
- French Cultural Policy (Bookdom, Tokyo, 2007),
- Arts and artists from an economic perspective (UNESCO, Paris, 2004)
- Managing our Cultural Heritage (Aryan Books, New Dehli, 2002).

Previously he has been professor in various French and Foreign universities, and general director for training and apprenticeship in the Ministry of Labour in Paris (1990-1994). Its researches deal with the economics of cultural heritage and the link between culture and development (xgreffe@univ-paris1).