Objectives and competences

Raise the students’ awareness of the importance of English as a foreign language in modern communication, especially in the modern professional and business context.

To grasp the basic professional terminology in English related to the fields of viticulture and enology.

Learn basics of business English.

Develop the ability of communication in the English language, both in general as well as in business situations related to the profession.

Develop the so-called communicative competence.


Knowledge of English gained at secondary education level.


The students revise and deepen the knowledge of general English, and at all levels of language. They thoroughly analyze texts in the fields of viticulture and enology, business studies and management, as well as texts in relation to the basic technical problems concerning viticulture and enology of the European Union.

Students also develop their critical thinking skills, learn the principles of writing basic scientific texts, as well as the basics of professional and business English language (writing a business letter, dealing with a business partner, negotiating process, business meeting, presentation, writing a CV, etc.). In addition, the students also learn the cultural and social context of business and professional communication in the English language.


Lectures and tutorials are mutually intertwined, as students are most of the time active participants in the learning process. The reason behind that is obtaining active knowledge of English as a foreign language for specific purposes.

Intended learning outcomes

Students acquire professional terminology in the fields of viticulture and enology, the basics of business English language and are able to communicate in English, both in non-formal as well as professional situations.


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80 % attendency at the excercises and lectures, preparations of written seminar and written exam. Lectures/tutorials (40/60)

Lecturer's references

Veronika Piccinini is a professor of English language and lector fo english at University of Nova Gorica.