Practical Education Experience 1

Objectives and competences

The basic purpose of practical training in the second year of study is to direct students to practical work as soon as possible and thus enable them to learn about the professional nature of work as well as current issues in viticulture and winemaking. The main goal of the course is to enable students to connect and upgrade the acquired theoretical knowledge with the practical experience of mentors in the field.

To have the most comprehensive insight into the practice, the work in the 2nd year is carried out in connection with several different mentors and different locations.

Such an organization offers mentors the opportunity to meet and co-educate future staff.


Completed 1st year or. enrollment in the 2nd year of study


  1. Familiarization with the obligations and organization of the course Practical training 1
  2. Arranging students according to their wishes and our abilities (agreements with mentors)
  3. Preparation of the framework program or student referrals for individual sets of PU
  4. After each set of PU submission of current reports in the form of diaries (for weekly appointments)
  5. At the end, an oral defense in the form of a conversation with an internal mentor.


Written report on practical training in the form of a diary, positive opinion of an external mentor and oral defense of the report in the form of an interview with an internal mentor

Lecturer's references

The head of the course is a lecturer in the field of enology at the University of Nova Gorica, the head of the wine estate of the University of Nova Gorica.