Basics of Wine Marketing (From 2016/2017 on)

Objectives and competences

The purpose of this course is to provide marketing expertise and experience, desperately needed by vinegrowers and winemakers who produce for market. Through lectures and exercises, which are mainly based on known cases, the objective of the course is to unfold the current market situation to the students, thuse equiped with practical knowledge for immediate use on the market in accordance with their own needs.
They get enough knowledge for managing marketing activities and for independent strategic marketing and systemic assessment of their effects.
Based on the acquired knowledge the student is capable to adjust the overall strategy of wine business for marketing purpose.


Not required.


1 Introduction module: Wine - yesterday, today and tomorrow
• Myths and legends, stereotypes and prejudices (which does not help to sell)
• Integrated vision of
wine industry (economic, political, sociological, ideological aspect)
• Wine and Health
• Statutory conditions and restrictions
• Outline of Slovenian wine market with an estimate of future market development
• Outline the global market with an estimate of future market development

2 Basics of Marketing and wine sales
Definition of the wine market
• Size and structure of the market,
• Breakdown or. segmentation of the wine market
• The degree of market concentration, market share, monopolistic competition
• Difficulty or penetration/entry into the wine market
• Elements of the marketing mix in the wine market (PR, marketing, events, advertising, sales promotion, etc.).
• Marketing services and consumer satisfaction
• Planning of marketing activities
• Reputation, promotion and communication with users: tools and strategies for effective marketing
• Trends in the wine market and related activities

3 A strategic approach to marketing wine
• The method of SWOT analysis
• Marketing macro environment
• Marketing micro-environment
• Methods of analysis of the market
• Methods of forecasting market trends
• Trademarks wine and strategies for their development
• Choice of target market
• Market Positioning

4 Marketing of Slovenian wines
• buying habits of wine lovers/consumers
• Marketing wines in shops, restaurants and on estates
• Wine, Environment and Tourism.


Student are expected to prepare a group project, that includes secondary data research, some primary research, final report and presentation.
Visit a wine fair in Slovenian or international level.

Intended learning outcomes

Students receive theoretical grounds of how to design and implement marketing activities to optimize the promotion and sale of wine.
Students learn how to identify and evaluate the opportunities and threats of the market environment and the advantages and disadvantages of a vineyard or the wine-making business system and also think critically about the weaknesses and defects of the existing approach to the marketing of wine and take appropriate action.
Learn about the tools that are available to implement the marketing function, but knowledge helps to understand that for marketing success this is not enough.
Marketing-oriented management must take to monitor the entire production and sales cycle, because the marketing of wine starts in the vineyard. Realizes the importance of maintaining the traditional loyalty of customers and learn how to use marketing activities such as branding, promotion of wine and communication with customers, gain new customers


• Notes and slides, MiTeam UNG and Moodle classroms.
• Selected articles
• Iršič, M., Milfelner, B., Pisnik, A.: Marketing. Temeljni koncepti in njihova uporaba v digitalnem okolju. Harlow: Pearson, 2019. E-version
• Moulton, Lapsley: Successful Wine Marketing, Springer, 2001 (poglavja 1, 2, 9, 12, 15) Catalogue


Assignment / project (coursework is a prerequisite for taking the exam) written exam 50 % 50 %

Lecturer's references

• Habilitated senior lecturer
• Business consultant
• Marketing director of the year 2008 (elected by members of the Slovenian Marketing Association)
• Member of the Advertising Tribunal at the Slovenian Advertising Chamber
• Director of marketing and PR at Mladinska knjiga založba Publishing house
• CMO at Telekom Slovenia
• Deputy Managing director, Clients service director and Account director at several Slovenian and biggest regional marketing agency

His references can be accessed here.