Chemical Elements in Soil and Plants

Objectives and competences

The objective of the course is to introduce the students to a role of microelements in the plant nourishments, their distribution in the soil, their toxicity and changes of the plants at their shortage or overdosage.


Knowledge of inorganic and organic chemistry.


Rock and Soil Geochemistry, Bioavailability
Metal Ions and Plant Nutrition(Essentiality,Concentration of Elements in Plants, Toxicity)
Sources of Nutrients for Plants(Rhizosphere, Fertilisers)
Role of Some Elements in Plant Life(Macronutrients, Other Microelements)
Elemental Uptake Processes
Toxic Effect of Metals


At laboratory practice sessions the students will be intrduced with basic technics of sampling, extraction and analyse of specific microelementes in a vineyard.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
- Geochemistry of rocks and soil (in connection to viticulture)
- Biological usefulness and accessibility of elementrs
- Metal ions such as plant nutrients (mikrokranila) (esencialnost, ion concentration tolerance and toxicity)
- Sources of nutrients (rhizosfera, fertilizers)
- The role of trace elements in plant growth (vine) (macronutrients, micronutrients and other trace elements)
- Review the recommended/allowed levels of micro-macro nutrients for the vines
- Basic Transport Phenomena trace elements in plants-way transmission (the impact on efficiency) -sinergizem-antagonism
- Toxic effects of trace elements
- Basic chemical analyses of elements in soils and plant samples (the meaning of sampling and preparation of samples for analysis)


• Farago, M.E. 1994. Plants and the Chemical Elements; VCH Publishers; New York.
• Siegel, H. 1985. Metal Ions in Biological Systems; Marcel Dekker inc.; New York and Basel. E-version
• Lecture slides
• Articles


Laboratory practice examination, lecture written and oral examination.

Lecturer's references

Full professor for the field Ekotechnology. He is employed at Institut Jozef Stefen and he part-time professor at UNG.

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