Grapevine Secondary Metabolites

Objectives and competences

The course is for those students, who desire to deepen their already conquered knowledge about the chemical composition of the wines and grapes, as well as about the new and modern analytical techniques in that area in the field of secondary metabolites with special emphasis on polyphenols


Knowledge of general organic and anorganic chemistry, biochemistry and wine chemistry.



  • The classification of the secondary metabolites: chemical structure and nomenclature the major secondary metabolites found in grapes and in wine: polyphenols, volatile phenols, nor-isoprenoids, terpenes, pyrazines, nitrogen and sulfur compounds.
  • The physiological role of the secondary metabolies in the vine: some secondary metabolites are phytoalexins and through that protect the plants against different diseases (Peronospora, Botrytis) or against the UV irradiation.
  • Changes in the secondary metabolites' amounts during the grape ripening: the kinetics of the secondary metabolites biosynthesis during the grape maturation, which is an important information for making a decision about the harvest (polyphenol maturity, the amount of the nitrogen and aromatic compounds).
  • Evolution of the secondary metabolites during the vinification and wine aging: the chemistry of the secondary metabolites in wine.
  • The influence of the secondary metabolites on the organoleptic characteristics of the wine: the influence of the aromatic compounds, polyphenols, volatile phenols on the sensory characteristics of the red and white wines.
  • The nutritional value of the secondary metabolites in wine: the presentation of the recent and fresh research results from that area.
  • Analytical techniques of the secondary metabolites determination: the presentation of the new methods, which are more routine used (wine cellars) as well as with more profound, which are used in more modern and well equipped laboratories.

Intended learning outcomes

  • profound knowledge of the secondary metabolites of grapes, must and wine
  • profound knowledge and the latest findings in nutritional value of wines in conjunction with sekunarnimi metabolites (polyphenols and health)
  • profound knowledge of simple and advanced analytics secondary metabolites of grapes, must and wine
  • knowing and understanding of changes in the composition of secondary metabolites in grozju between dozoreavnje, during fermentation and aging of wines
  • Independent study of topic from the field of secondary metabolites in grapes, must and wine


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• Lecture slides
• Scientific papers


Written assigment, lecture written examination. Seminar paper (written asignment) is a prerequisite for the written examination

Lecturer's references

Associate professor for the field of Enology.

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