Wine distillates, fruit wines and other products of the vitiviniculture origin

Objectives and competences

Students learn the technical principles of processing fruit and grapes into various products that can be an important complement to processing grapes into wine on the farm. They learn about technologies for the production of wine spirit from wine, yeast and pomace, technologies for the production of grapes into juice, the production of beverages based on grape juice and wine, the production of fruit wines, the production of raisins and the processing of grape seeds into oil. In addition to the technologies required for the characteristics of the input raw material, the pre-treatment of the raw material and the production equipment, they will also learn about the physicochemical characteristics of these products, the control parameters, the legal requirements, the legal product classifications, the labeling, the storage, the packaging methods and the sensory characteristics of the products on the market.


Not required.
The object is also connected to other content items from the field of viticulture, enology, microbiology and wine chemistry.



During lectures, students will be taught about various technologies (history + latest trends) in:

Technology of production of distillates based on grapes, pomace, yeast, wine.
Technology of production and processing of grape juice
Technologies of production of wine or grape juice based beverages
Technologies for the production of dealholized wines
Technology for the production of raisins
Technology for the production of grape seed oil
Technologies for the production of fruit wine in the EU and elsewhere in the world.

Students will also learn about related national and EU legislation, product classification, labeling, packaging methods, potential product defects and diseases, and the expected sensory characteristics of the products of selected technologies.


In the exercises students will learn practically:
- Different types of spirits, odor and taste defects of spirits, and tasting of spirits. They also perform laboratory analyses of different types of spirits.
- Various fruit wines, defects and diseases of fruit wines, their taste and sensory characteristics, also perform laboratory analysis of various fruit wines.
- Basic quality analyzes of grape juice and grape concentrate
- Get acquainted with various beverages based on wine and grape juice, dealcoholized wines - their chemical and sensory properties.

In the practical exercises, students learn about various technologies for the production of distillates based on grapes and wine, the production of fruit wines, grape juice, and grape concentrate, as well as technologies for the production of grape seed oil.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding:
- Different technologies used to produce different grape and wine-based products and the chemical and sensory properties of these products - History and recent trends.
- Knowledge of fruit wine technology - history and latest trends.
- Knowledge of technology used to produce wine distillates, pomace, yeast.
- Knowledge of the production of grapeseed oil
- Familiarity with current legislation concerning permitted technological processes, quality parameters, food labeling, packaging, sensory properties of food products
- Understanding and knowledge of the basics of physico-chemical methods for determining the quality of selected products


• Zakon o vinu in drugih proizvodih iz grozdja in vina (Uradni list RS)
• Pravilnik o žganih pijačah (Uradni list RS)
• Pravilnik o splošnem označevanju predpakiranih živil (Uradni list RS)
• Pravilnik o kakovosti sadnih sokov in podobnih sadnih izdelkov (Uradni list RS)
• Pravilnik o kakovosti jedilnih rastlinskih olj, jedilnih rastlinskih masteh in majonezi (Uradni list RS)
• International Standard for Labelling Spirituous Beverages of Vitivinicultural Origin E-version
• Definition of the vitivinicultural products by code sheet E-version
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• Maria R. Kosseva , Edited by V.K. Joshi , Edited by P.S. Panesar, 2016. Science and Technology of Fruit Wine Production.
• Literature from professional journals and scientific articles.
• Miteam classroom


Colloquium 30%, seminar 30%, exam 40%

Lecturer's references

Associate professor in field of Food technology at University of Nova Gorica.

Njene reference in strokovna dejavnost.