Computer aided design

Objectives and competences

  • basic knowledge of technical drawing, descriptive geometry, computer aided design and
  • using computer aided design software for contemporary engineering tasks.


Core participation requirements are basics of computer knowledge from the “Basics of computer knowledge and foreign language (English)” course.


Technical drawing basics
Descriptive geometry basics
Computer aided design basics

Intended learning outcomes

Students will master:
- basis of descriptive geometry
- 2D drawing,
- 3D modeling,
- rendering (image generation),
- animation and
- programming within used CAD software.


• Ivan Jovan: Tehnično risanje in dokumentacija, 2011 E-version
• Ivan Prebil: Opisna geometrija: potrebna znanja za pravilno risanje - osnove tehničnega risanja, 2006
• Marjan Lep, Sergej Težak: Geometrijsko modeliranje z opisno geometrijo, 2008
• Deskriptivna geometrija. E-version
• Bojan Dolšak, Marina Novak: Konstruiranje za proizvodnjo, 2008


  • Written exam, which assesses knowledge of the implementation of concepts of basic principles of control-systems analysis and design. - With demonstration of working with selected CAD software the practical work with selected software is assessed. 40/60

Lecturer's references

Associate professor Miha Kovačič graduated in 2000 on Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Maribor. At that time he was employed as young researcher in Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing systems at Faculty of mechanical engineering in Maribor. In 2002 he passed doctoral exam. In 2004 he received his doctorate and became researcher in steel-plant ŠTORE STEEL d.o.o. From 2011 until 2015 he was a Quality manager and was responsible for three laboratories. Until 2016 he works as the Head of the research and development department in the same company. In 2005 he received research reward for the best doctoral thesis from TRIMO TREBNJE company. From 2006 he contractually works for KOVA d.o.o. From 2008 until 2014 he worked in Laboratory for Multiphase Processes, University of Nova Gorica. From 2015 until 2018 he worked also in Institute of metals and technologies in Ljubljana. Until 2019 he is employed at Faculty of mechanical engineering in University of Ljubljana as assistant with PhD.

In 2007 he was habilitated as assistant professor on area of manufacturing technologies and systems at Faculty of mechanical engineering in Maribor and from 2012 he was habilitated again on mechanical engineering at School of Engineering and Management, University of Nova Gorica. In 2017 he was habilitated as associate professor at College of industrial engineering in Celje.

His research scientific areas are mechanical engineering (machining, control and programming of NC machines), metallurgy, medicine and computer science (modeling and optimization of system with artificial intelligence methods – genetic programming and algorithms).

According to COBISS methodology his bibliography counts 225 units. His author of 64 original scientific papers, 44 out of them within JCR journals with impact factor. He has 589 normalized citations (WoS).

On the list of genetic programming bibliography he ranks 16 out of 13751 authors (


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