Diploma Thesis

Objectives and competences

Provide students with methodological foundations and variety of skills required to carry out research projects in engineering and management.


Student needs to meet the criteria for admission to the 3rd year of study program and to get a written concesion of the school senat confirming the theme of the thesis.


Diploma thesis should deal with a specific problem from the field of engineering and management, and, if possible, relates to the topic of the student’s practical placement. The topic is selected upon prior agreement with the mentor and prior approval of the School’s Senate.

The Diploma Thesis is the result of independent work of student, with guidelines, monitoring and advice provided by the mentor.

The application and approval of the topic of the Diploma thesis, its submission, defence and assessment, as well as the publication of its findings complies with the University of Nova Gorica regulations concerning procedure on how to apply and defend diploma and masters theses (available at: http://www.ung.si/en/about/regulations/).

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Knowledge of the broader professional field to which belongs the Diploma Thesis and special knowledge of the glossary concerned by the Diploma Thesis. The emphasis is on the practical skills and elementary research methodologies in the fields of study program.
Documenting and expressing the subject in a professional way, mastering the solving of the professional problems, independent presentation of the key conclusions and argumentation.


  • Professional and scientific literature selected by the mentor in connection with the topic of the thesis.
    • Rules on the procedure for application and defense of diploma and master's theses at the University of Nova Gorica E-version


The grade assigned to the Bachelor’s thesis and its oral defence by the Committee consisting of the mentor, the Chair of the Study Committee, and another member of the Committee. Grades “pass” or “fail” are awarded. Diploma theses are assessed in accordance with the University of Nova Gorica regulations concerning procedure on how to apply and defend diploma and master theses (available at: http://www.ung.si/en/about/regulations/).

Lecturer's references

Mentors are delegated by the senate of school. All mentors possess adequate qualifications and references.