Guidelines for the hybrid mode of lecture delivery

In the 2020/21 academic year, the University of Nova Gorica implemented the hybrid mode of lecture delivery. The hybrid mode allows easier access to lectures and higher quality of the latter, and better opportunities for the inclusion of students, who due to various reasons, cannot participate in in-situ lectures.

Delivering lectures in a hybrid mode means that the lectures are delivered in-situ in lecture rooms, while also being streamed live simultaneously (sound, video, slides, board) through the internet on various platforms.

The participation mode selection option

The students decide in advance for individual courses whether they will participate in in-situ lectures in the lecture rooms or follow lectures online. They must announce their decision for each course separately to the secretary office of their respective school. By announcing their online following of lectures they confirm that their devices fulfil the technical requirements (see the following sections) and that they will follow the lectures of the selected course and all the course-related activities through videoconferencing.

Announcement deadline

For the students enrolling into higher years of studies, the deadline for the submission of the announcement of the lecture participation mode is 24th September of the current year.

For the students enrolling into the first year of studies, the deadline for the submission of the announcement of the lecture participation mode is immediately upon enrollment or latest by 24th September for those already formally enrolled.

The deadline for the submission of the announcement of the lecture participation mode for the second-semester courses is 31st January of the current year.

The possibility of altering the announcement

The students may follow the lectures of individual courses only in the selected (previously announced) mode, which may be altered only once in the course of the academic year, but only for justified reasons (long-lasting health issues, insufficient IT equipment or inadequate internet connection etc.).

The students may be granted a temporary change in the lecture participation mode also in case of serious short-term health issues, in the period of the measures adopted as a result of the Covid-19 or other epidemies or due to self-isolation, quarantine etc.

In all of the above-listed cases, changes and adaptations of the initially announced lecture participation mode for individual courses may be approved only by the student affairs committee of the respective study programme, which processes these requests as a priority, regardless of the committee session schedules.

To alter the lecture participation mode, the students must, immediately after the reasons for change arise, submit their request with a justification to the administrative office of their respective school. The school's administrative office informs the student about the approval/rejection of the requst within three working days.

The minimal software and IT equipment requirements

The basic platforms for live streaming of lectures are MiTeam and Moodle, which are available through internet services on the UNG server and do not require installing any additional software on students’ computers or mobile phone devices. Students can access MiTeam or Moodle through the portal by using the UNGid. This is username and password for all UNG IT services, which students receive in student's office on enrolment.

Besides using the platforms listed above, in specific cases (technical limitations etc.) the live streaming of lectures is also available through the Zoom platform (in combination with Moodle or directly) and the students are assigned the access by the moderator.

The recommended specifications for computers or mobile devices used by students to follow online lectures are as follows:

  • a computer with a two-core processor, 8G RAM, 120G SSD, LAN, Wi-Fi wireless AC, videocamera (HD 1080p), microphone, speakers or headphones with a microphone and an operating system supporting Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, 20Mb/10Mb internet connection,
  • a mobile device (tablet, smart phone) with a six-core s processor, 4G RAM, a videocamera (HD 1080p)) and an operating system supporting Safari or Chrome/Firefox browsers. LTE or WiFi with the 20Mb/10Mb internet connection.

In case of inadequate internet connections available through student monthly subscriptions provided by mobile network operators, we recommend purchasing a monthly internet service package by one of the internet service providers.

Adequate internet service providers in Slovenia are:

  • Telekom Slovenije,
  • Telemach,
  • T-2,
  • A1.

Technical support and professional assistance

In case of technical issues encountered during active participation in online lectures, the students must inform the administrative office of their respective school, which will, with the help of the UNG IT services, provide adequate technical support and professional assistance to students.