This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The goal of the course is to familiarize students with the basic knowledge of the psychology of language (comprehension, production, acquisition of language), organization of the language function in the brain and children's acquisition of language

Acquired competences:
• Ability to recognize interesting topics in the area of psycholinguistics
• Ability to search, reading and critical review of the professional literature


Linguistics courses at this program


• Introduction to psycholinguistics
• Psychological foundations of comprehension and production of language
• Experimental methodology in psycholinguistics
• Acquisition of language by children

Intended learning outcomes

• Basic knowledge of psycholinguistics and innateness of language
• Basic knowledge of language comprehension and production
• Basic knowledge of language acquisition by children


• Teržan Kopecky, Karmen (2001): Psihološke dimenzije jezikovnih ravnanj. Maribor: Pedagoška fakulteta.
• Altmann, Gerry T.M. (1997): The Ascent of Babel. An Exploration of Language, Mind, and Understanding. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Catalogue E-version
• Kranjc, Simona (1990): Razvoj govora predšolskih otrok. Ljubljana: Znanstveni inštitut Filozofske fakultete.
• Pinker, Steven (1994): The Language Instinct : How the Mind Creates Language. William Morrow and Company. Catalogue
• Prebeg – Vilke, Mirjana (1995): Otrok in jeziki. Materinščina in drugi jeziki naših otrok. Ljubljana: Sanjska knjiga.
• Marjanovič – Umek, Ljubica (1990): Mišljenje in govor predšolskega otroka. Ljubljana: Državna založba Slovenije. Teoretični del (str. 11-59).


• Regular attendance and active participation at the lectures and exercises • 3 or 4 homework assignments • written or oral final exam based on the entire content of the course

Lecturer's references

Associate professor of Linguistics at the University of Nova Gorica