Selected Topics in Contemporary Slovene Literature

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The main objective of the course is to develop and improve the students' literary interpretation skills. Special focus is given on developing the students' independence, innovativeness and their close reading skills by using appropriate literary-theoretical instruments as well as by applying appropriate teaching methods.


Basic knowledge of literary interpretation and literary hermeneutics, and knowledge of terms used in literary theory. Knowledge of 19th- and 20-th century Slovene literature is advantageous.


The course is designed to teach the students to interpret literary texts in an advanced level and train them to be able to autonomously cope with texts of various literary genres. Selected texts of the 19th- and 20th-Slovene literature (poetry, prose, drama) are discussed.

Intended learning outcomes

The students develop an ability to autonomously and meaninfully interpret the selected literary text by using appropriate terminology and logical argumentation skills. The students are able to convey their findings in an appropriate form in terms of teaching methods. They also prepare a seminar paper (constructing a learning sequence of excerpts with questions).


• J. Kos: Literarna teorija Catalogue
• M. Kmecl: Mala literarna teorija Catalogue
• M. Juvan: Literarna veda v rekonstrukciji Catalogue

Poetry: Prešeren, Jenko, Gregorčič, Cankar, Murn, Kette, Župančič, Podbevšek, Kosovel, Vodušek, Kocbek, Kajuh, Balantič, Menart, Zajc, Strniša, Makarovič, Šalamun, Jesih, Zupan, Komelj

Prose and drama:
Jurčič, Tavčar, Cankar, Govekar, Pregelj, Grum, Prežih, Kosmač, Kranjec, Potrč, Smole, Zidar, Kozak, Strniša, Kovačič, Jančar, Lainšček, Virk


Written examination. (Successful performance of tasks assigned by the lecturers during the year or at the seminars are the prerequisite for taking the examination).