Slovene language I - Standard Literary Slovene

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The students will be acquainted with orthographic rules as sinthesis of tradicional, sinchronic and diachronic normative criteria; and normative guide in Slovenia as a result of standardisation process. At the presentation of the current spelling problems they will be trained for independent use and interpretation of the rules of orthography.




The students will learn about Slovene literary language from theoretical, practical and historical point of view. They identify the types of intervention and interpretation of language standards (normative rules, dictionary and language counselling service) and the arguments for change the normative rules.

Intended learning outcomes

Students acquire basic linguistic concepts and contepts of standard language (standardization of language, linguistic norm, codification). They are able to think critically about the relationship between the dynamics of language use and the static nature of codification. They can analyze and address the normative problem.


  • Slovenski pravopis, 2001. Ljubljana: SAZU – ZRC SAZU – Založba ZRC. Catalogue
  • Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika, 1971–1991. Ljubljana: SAZU – ZRC SAZU – DZS. Catalogue
  • Toporišič, J., 1992: Enciklopedija slovenskega jezika. Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba. Catalogue
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  • Dobrovoljc, H., 2004: Pravopisje na Slovenskem. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC. Catalogue
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  • Jakop, N., Dobrovoljc, H. (ur.), 2012: Pravopisna stikanja. Razprave o pravopisnih vprašanjih. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC. Catalogue E-version


Successful completion of the written exam, two colloquium between course work are the conditions for the final oral exam.

Lecturer's references

Associate Prof. Helena Dobrovoljc’s research focuses on modern Slovene, standardization and normativity, synchronic lexicography, and the presentation, aimed for a wider public, of issues related to modern literary language and orthography.
She has participated in preparation of the lexical part of Slovenski pravopis (2001) and was a technical editor of an e-publication of the orthographic and Pleteršnik dictionary. She was the chief investigator for the research programme Slovene Language in its Synchronic and Diachronic Development (“Slovenski jezik v sinhronem in diahronem razvoju”, 2004–2008); the project Modern Orthographic Handbook in Printed and Electronic Form (“Sodobni pravopisni priročnik v knjižni, elektronski in spletni različici”, 2008–2011); and she led the infrastructural programme Natural and Cultural Heritage (“Naravna in kulturna dediščina”, 2004–2006). Since 2009 she has been participating in several targeted and applied projects connected to IKT and language standardisation (EU project Communication in Slovenian, in the Style Manual activity), and since 2011, the standardisation of toponyms in bilingual Carinthia of Austria. She is also a moderator of the “Language Counselling” website at the Slovene language institute (, the editor of the national monograph series Lingua Slovenica and sub-series Lingua Slovenica – Fontes for the ZRC Publishing House. She is the leader of the group entrusted with the preparation of the Normative Guide at the ZRC SAZU and the chairwoman of the Commission on orthography at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which is, in compliance with The Resolution on the National Programme for Language Policy 2014−18, responsible for approving the orthography.

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