Slovene language II - Morphology

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The primary goal is to familiarize students with the basics of morphological processes observed in Slovenian data and thereby equip them with the tools required for independent analysis of Slovenian data at a basic level. We aim to deliver the contents in a manner that will provide them with a partial overview of Slovenian morphology both from a general linguistic perspective and from the perspective of traditional Slovenian linguistics.


The contents of this course relate most intimately to General Linguistics, Slovenian Language I – Standard Literary Slovenian, and Slovenian Language I – Phonetics and Phonology.


This course is an introduction to the basics of the inflectional and derivational system of Slovenian delivered against a general linguistic model of inflection and derivation. Topics include an introduction to the core elements of morphology (word, morpheme, allomorph, etc.), their definitions and their use in linguistic analysis, the division of morphology into inflection and derivation, an overview of the basic characteristics of derivation and compounding in Slovenian, the hierarchical structure of words, and an overview of the basic characteristics of inflectional categories in Slovenian.

Intended learning outcomes

Students acquire a basic familiarity of morphological concepts and processes in Slovenian and by extension a basic familiarity of morphological concepts and processes in natural language in general. They will be capable of performing independent morphological analysis of Slovenian data at a basic level, and provided they have a knowledge of other languages, partly also of performing independent morphological analysis of data from those languages. Above-average students will be ready for preparing a BA thesis from the field of Slovenian morphology.


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• Handouts / lecture notes


70% final exam / 30% homework, quizzes

Lecturer's references

Rok Žaucer is an associate professor of linguistics at the School of Humanities and the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Nova Gorica. His research topics include morphology and syntax (especially on the basis of data from Slovenian) and sociolinguistics and language consulting. In morphology, he focuses on derivation and the interface bewteen morphology and syntax.

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