Slovene language II - Syntax

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

This course familiarizes students with the basic methodology, with the core literature and with the main features of Slovenian syntax with emphasis on the contrast between the standard literary langauge and the colloquial. This course's aim is to present the benefits of using the theory of Principles and Parameters and to encourage students to recognize interesitng research topics.


This course is related to other linguistic courses in this program. Actual prerequisits are courses Slovene language I and Slovene language II - morphology


The topic of this course is Slovenian syntax. It deals with the foundations of Slovenian syntax and uses syntax to compare the standard language with the colloquial language. Slovenian syntax is presented both through a more traditional approach and through the theory of Principles and Parameters. The acquired knolwedge forms a comprehensive view over Slovenian syntax.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge of some basic concepts in syntax. The students should know how to critically read syntax literature, how to recognize what is an interesting syntactic element, how to approach a sytactic problem, and how to gather relevant data on a chosen topic.


  • Toporišič, Jože. 1982. Nova Slovenska skladnja. Ljubljana : Državna založba Slovenije Catalogue
  • Toporišič, Jože. 2004. Slovenska slovnica. Založba Obzorja Maribor. Catalogue
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  • Adger, David. 2003. Core Syntax. Oxford University Press. Catalogue E-version
  • Articles from various magazines, mainly from Slavistična revija Catalogue E-version, Jezika in Slovstva Catalogue E-version, Jezikoslovnih zapiskov Catalogue E-version and other domestic and foreign linguistic journals.
  • Handouts issued at lectures E-version


  1. exam (70%) 2. homeworks (30%)

Lecturer's references

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