Topics in linguistics

This course is part of the programme
Master's Degree Programme Humanities Studies

Objectives and competences

• To introduce students to current developments in linguistic theory and current issues in linguistics;
• To introduce students to primary linguistic sources and teach them how to search for information in different types of sources;
• To help students develop the ability to recognize and pursue significant research topics in linguistics;
• To offer students the opportunity to conduct original linguistic work on any given topic in linguistics.


In order to successfully participate in in-class discussions and to follow the lectures, the student should take the introductory linguistic courses. This course is related to other courses in the programme curriculum.


The content of this course is not fixed and as such will change from year to year. The overall aim of the course is to offer an in-depth exploration of current issues relating to natural language in relation to recent developments in linguistic theory. The organization of the course is such so as to enable investigations of issues within the various fields of linguistic theory, i.e. to cover topics in syntax, semantics, phonology or any other field in linguistics.

Intended learning outcomes

The students will have a sound knowledge of some concrete topic, know the basic literature about it and the main directions of current research.



Active participation in in-class discussions (40%). Final term paper (60%)

Lecturer's references

Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Nova Gorica.

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