University library of University of Nova Gorica is open to all students and staff, as well as to all other visitors who are interested in the materials offered by the library. We are collecting materials mostly for the fields of ecology, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology, Slovene studies, humanities, viticulture and fine arts.


Reservation of materials and prolongation
Reservation of materials and prolongation by biblionet (get your password in the library).

Proposals for acquisition of materials
Send us your proposals.

Web reading-room

Electronic journals and electronic databases

Electronic books
Archives (books in Slovenian, English and German language)


Interesting links
Bookstores, Slovenian and foreign media, publishers, libraries, biographies, dictionaries, encyclopedia …

Repository of University of Nova Gorica
Entry point to electronic information resources which are created at University of Nova Gorica (diploma/masters/doctoral works and other publications and contributions from University of Nova Gorica researchers and teaching staff.)

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Personal bibliographies of the researchers


Slovenian current research information system.

Other librarires

Online union bibliographic/catalogue database – COBIB
Online bibliographic/catalogue database is the result of shared cataloguing of Slovenian libraries that participate in the COBISS.SI system.

Interlibray loan
Order materials in other Slovenian or foreign libraries.

Digital Library of Slovenia
Online collection of written Slovene cultural treasures, current expert articles and other texts.