Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences

The Laboratory for Environmental Research conducts basic and applied research in different areas of environmental sciences.


Research activities of the laboratory.
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Slovenian and international research projects.
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Achievements and events

  • Sandra Oloketuyi, a Ph.D student in the Laboratory of Environmental and Life Sciences under the mentorship of Prof. Ario de Marco, received an award for the best poster presentation at the 9th Conference of the Serbian Biochemical Society: ‘Diversity in Biochemistry’, held in Belgrade, Serbia, the 14-16th November 2019. In her poster, titled “ Functionalized nanobodies: A bio-recognition molecule for the detection of the toxic microalgae Alexandrium minutum by means of an electrochemical immunosensor“, she described an innovative impedance-based biosensor functionalized with nanobodies that enabled unmet sensitivity for the biological target.


  • The letter “Optimized frequency dependent photothermal beam deflection spectroscopy”, published by the co-workers of LELS Dorota Korte and Mladen Franko with co-authors in Laser Physics Letters, was chosen by the publisher in his Editorial Highlights of 2016 as one of the three contributions with most impact in the field of Laser spectroscopy. Editor letter Published letter

Winter meeting in the frame of Trans2Care project: Workshop on “Biomarkers in cardiology” 19.12.2013, Slovenia, Rožna Dolina, P7
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Winter meeting in the frame of Trans2Care project: “Target meeting“Slovenia, Lanthieri, Vipava
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The 3rd European Symposium on Photocatalysis
25-27 September 2013, Portorož, Slovenia
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Thematic workshop
Photocatalysis as a Tool for Sustainability
24 & 25 September 2013, Portorož, Slovenia
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Past events