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22. 11. 2017The Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava and its architectural historyProf. Dr. Igor Sapač
Prof. Alain Deloire
24. 5. 2017Unravelling the Terroir MystiqueProf. Alain Deloire
Dr. Marcos Bavdaž
20. 4. 2017Europe explores the universeDr. Marcos Bavdaž


18. October 2017
Pomembno odkritje v gravitacijski astronomiji
Znanstveniki iz kolaboracij LIGO in Virgo ter okrog 70 observatorijev širom sveta so razkrili pomembno odkritje na področju gravitacijskih valov. Pri njem so sodelovali tudi slovenski raziskovalci.
22. September 2017
Kozmični delci ekstremnih energij prihajajo do nas iz izvorov izven naše galaksije
Znanstveniki mednarodne kolaboracije Pierre Auger so danes (22. septembra 2017) v prestižni znanstveni reviji Science objavili izsledke raziskav, ki kažejo, da kozmični delci z več miljonkrat višjimi energijami, kot jih imajo protoni v velikem hadronskem trkalniku LHC, prihajajo iz izvorov izven naše galaksije. Pri raziskavah so sodelovali slovenski raziskovalci z Univerze v Novi Gorici in Instituta »Jožef Stefan«.
23. August 2017
High impact on future research directions also by our investigations in the field of photothermal spectroscopy
The letter “Optimized frequency dependent photothermal beam deflection spectroscopy”, published by the co-workers of Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences Prof. Dr. Dorota Korte and Prof. Dr. Mladen Franko with co-authors in Laser Physics Letters, was chosen by the publisher in his Editorial "Highlights of 2016", as one of the three contributions with most impact in the field of Laser spectroscopy.
18. August 2016
Time-dependence measurements of photoconductivity crucial for the new type of organic optical components
The scientists of University of Nova Gorica accomplished experiments, which conducted to an article in Nature Nanotechnology
22. June 2016
A Breakthrough in Organic Electronics: all-organic, flexible optical memory devices
Scientists from The University of Nova Gorica are at the top of world’s research in the field of organic electronics
22. December 2015
Springer Publishing House just published a scientific monograph by a faculty member of the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Juš Kocijan
Springer Publishing House’s series Advances in Industrial Control just published a scientific monograph by Prof. Dr. Juš Kocijan, titled Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems Using Gaussian Process Models.
18. December 2015
Publication of a Doctoral Dissertation defended by Springer Publishing House
In November, Springer Publishing House published Dr. Marjan Temovski’s dissertation in its Springer Theses book series, because they recognized its exceptional qualities.
24. November 2015
International agreement for the Pierre Auger Observatory upgrade, and the extension of the studies of nature and origin of the extreme energy cosmic particles for the next 10 years
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays are elementary particles and nuclei, which travel across the Universe with energies more than 10 million times higher than the most energetic particles in the man-made accelerators.
22. September 2015
A Publication in the Esteemed Scientific Journal Nature Communications
Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Giovanni De Ninno, the research members of the Laboratory of Quantum Optics at the University of Nova Gorica, together with the researchers at the Sinhrotron in Trieste, published an article in the esteemed scientific journal Nature Communications on 20 August.
22. July 2015
The new observatory for astronomy with high energy gamma rays, Cherenkov Telescope Array – CTA – will be placed in La Palma, Spain, and in Paranal, Chile
The high frequency cosmic gamma rays are an exceptionally important source of information, specifically on the processes in space which are most energy-driven and marked, as this is still the area of research where our understanding of natural laws tends to be limited.
16. February 2015
The Springer Publishing House just published a monograph by a school member of the University of Nova Gorica, doc. dr. Irina Cristea
The international publishing house Springer published a new monograph entitled Fuzzy Algebraic Hyperstructures-An Introduction, written by Prof. Dr Bijan Davvaz and Asist. Prof. Irina Cristea, at the beginning of 2015, in the book series Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing indexed by Scopus.
13. February 2015
Two New Books of the Faculty Members of the University of Nova Gorica
A monograph titled Fuzzy Algebraic Hyperstructures: An Introduction and co-written by Assistant Professor Dr. Irina Cristea, a member of the Center for Systems and Information Technologies of the University of Nova Gorica, and Prof. Dr. Bijan Davvaz, one of the key researchers in the area that the book describes, was just published by the world-renowned publishing house Springer.
29. September 2014
A Highly Esteemed Publishing house Oxford University Press Published a Book by Assistant Professor Tanja Pipan
In June of this year, a prestigious publishing house Oxford University Press published a monograph by a faculty member of the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica who also works as a researcher at the Karst Research Institute at ZRC SAZU.
17. July 2014
The Publication of a Research Paper in the Scholarly Journal “Account of Chemical Research” by a Faculty Member of the University of Nova Gorica
In the scientific journal Account of Chemical Research (IF=20.8), a scientific associate of the Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Nova Gorica, Doc. Dr. Layla Martin-Samos Colomer published – in collaboration with L. Zoppi and K.K. Baldridge from the Zürich University – a research article titled “Structure−Property Relationships of Curved Aromatic Materials from First Principles”.
11. November 2013
University of Nova Gorica linguists in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Grammatical number system of a language affects children’s acquisition of number words
University of Nova Gorica linguists Franc Marušič and Rok Žaucer, together with colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University College London and King Saud University, published an article in the high-impact journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in which they report the results of a study of how children’s acquisition of number words is affected by the grammar of the language they are growing up with.