Head of Centre for cognitive science of language

July 21, 2014

University of Nova Gorica announces the head of Centre for cognitive science of language job vacancy. Deadline: 20. 8. 2014

Candidates, both male and female, should fulfill the general employment conditions defined by law and should:

  • possess a PhD qualification from the field
  • meet the criteria for a research project leader
  • have management and leadership experience abilities for research teams
  • have worked professionally for at least five

The post of the Head is appointed for the period of four years.

Candidates are invited to send the application with evidence that they meet the mentioned criteria, a short CV with bibliography and a description of field of work and a tentative plan of management of the center.


Further information

Tea Stibilj Nemec
phone: +386 5 33 15 261
e-mail: tea.stibilj.nemec@ung.si