Remarkable results of School for viticulture and enology of University of Nova Gorica student Vanesa Klinec on the European championship of Young wine specialists in Paris

March 8, 2017

On 28 February and 1 March 2017 in Paris at the scene of Paris Agricultural Show a student competition in sensory evaluation and knowledge of French wines was held.

The competition was attended by about 80 of the best students from different wine schools all over Europe. All students had exactly the same tasks in the competition, but the results of French students were considered separately from the European ones to exlude any home ground advantage.

This year the organizer of the competition invited also School of Viticulture and Enology from University of Nova Gorica as Slovenian representative. A third year student of BSc program Viticulture and Enology Vanesa Klinec in Paris competed with 24 students from 12 different European countries. In the first round they competed in French wines knowledge, in the description of wines and in communication with a marketing presentation of their choice (short movie, a poster or a blog) on “moderate and responsible consumption of wine.” The best three from the first round were also invited in the final round, where they continued in the French wine description/knowledge competition, this time orally in the front of the comity of French wine specialists.

Vanesa Klinec in the first round reached the first place among 25 students and went to the second, final round where she reached a remarkable result – a 2nd place and a silver medal.

Vanesa Klinec was preparing for the competition under the supervision of oenology professor Doc. Dr. Guillaume Antalick with unprecedented enthusiasm and willingness, which was also reflected in the final result; second place among the European competitors. With the the points scored in the first round of the competition was also ranked immediately after the first French student. We are extremely proud on her results, because this also shows the high quality knowledge we offer at the School of Viticulture and Enology.

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