Expert in the field of digital or media arts and practicies, new media, intermedia or investigative art, contemporary art practice

March 27, 2019

University of Nova Gorica announces an open position of an expert job position in the field of digital or media arts and practices, new media, intermedia or investigative art, contemporary art practice.
Deadline for applications: 17.4.2019

Candidates will be expected:

  • to have a university degree or master II. Level,
  • be independent, adaptable to working in group, be accurate and reliable,
  • to have knowledge of English at least at level B1,
  • to have knowledge of operating systems,
  • to have two years of work experience in same or similar positions.

The selected candidate will be directly involved in the Interreg project DIVA, performed at the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica in Gorizia (Italy) and Rožna dolina (Nova Gorica, Slovenia).
The purpose of the DIVA project is to create an innovation environment, linking the creative sector and the economy, and thus to create in the field of digital transformation technologies for smart communities in which the SMEs are emerging and developing, and with their innovativeness successfully perform on the global market.

The main duties of the candidate will be:

  • development of the instruments to support cross-fertilization activities between CCIs and traditional SMEs,
  • capacity building activities addressed to local operators to support CCIs matching with traditional SMEs,
  • setting up local networks of operators and raising awareness and attitude to cooperate between the users,
  • setting up the HUBs to strengthen the cooperation between CCIs and traditional SMEs,
  • establishment and execution of programs for development the readiness level for kids, youths, etc.

Please submit:

  • CV including work experience,
  • evidence of qualifications ,
  • names and contact of two referees (who may attest the candidate’s personal and
professional qualifications).

The position will be available from 1.5.2019 with appointment for full time employment and approx. 34 months.


Further information

Applications and further information:

Tea Stibilj Nemec
phone: +386 5 620 58 22