The Opening of the University of Nova Gorica’s Gallery

May 24, 2019

Today, the University of Nova Gorica’s Gallery was opened at the Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava.

As the Rector of the University of Nova Gorica, Prof. Dr. Danilo Zavrtanik said, the University puts special attention to artistic work and the opening of the UNG’s Gallery is closely connected with the founding of the UNG’s School of Arts. “Apart from the pedagogical work, the School also needs to have the other, artistic part to it, an aspect that it presents to a wider public. The idea about the Gallery was born at about the same time as the School itself, however, it took a while for us to set up and establish a program council, responsible for the curation of exhibitors,” said Prof. Dr. Zavrtanik at the opening.

The program council, namely Prof. Rene Rusjan from the University of Nova Gorica, along with Jani Bavčer and Lucijan Bratuš, is a body that independently creates the Gallery’s program, it selects the exhibitors and takes care of the long-term vision of the Gallery. “The Gallery will feature at least eight exhibitions yearly, as we want our Gallery to stay lively and interesting,” Prof. Dr. Zavrtanik added.

The first artist to exhibit her work at the new gallery is painter Mojca Zlokarnik, who loves colors. She adores colors, in fact, as she put it herself. She has been learning how to understand colors. She searches for provocative combinations. At the opening, she said that she was extremely honored that her work was chosen for the gallery’s opening. “I am very glad that I received this invitation. I think this is an example of truly valuable interweaving of science and arts; I believe creativity is important in both areas. I present myself here with paintings and objects that are based in color. My art is mainly about color,” explained Zlokarnik.

The exhibition will be open until 12 July, from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 4 pm.

Andreja Leban, Public Relations

From left to right: Mojca Zlokarnik, Prof. Rene Rusjan, Jani Bavčer and Prof. Dr. Danilo Zavrtanik.
Opening of the University of Nova Gorica’s Art Gallery .
Opening of the University of Nova Gorica’s Art Gallery .