Seminars of invited scientists 2005/2006

Sept. 4, 2006

University of Nova Gorica
Graduate school
invites to the lecture:
Multifunctional Mesostructured Oxides: controlling porosity and surface function in the nanoscale
Prof. Dr. Galo Soler-Illia, Dept. Inorg. Chem., Univ. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lecture will take place on Thursday, September 7th 2006 at 3 pm in lecture hall P-7 at University of Nova Gorica.

Multifunctional Mesostructured Oxides: controlling porosity and surface function in the nanoscale
Galo Soler-Illia Researcher, CONICET Unidad de Actividad Química, CNEA Professor, Dept. Inorg. Chem, Univ. Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina

The synthesis of nanostructured metals, oxides or sulfides through chemical routes in mild conditions (i.e. molecular precursors, low temperatures) permits materials processing in the shape of powders, films or monoliths. These soft processes are the route of choice for the combination of organic and inorganic components, which lead to complex materials with multiple chemical functionalities.

In this presentation, we will focus in the combination of sol-gel chemistry, and self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules (surfactants or polymers) to synthesize oxide powders or thin films presenting ordered mesopores (diameter between 2-20 nm). These mesoporous matrices can be chemically functionalised by incorporating a variety of organic functions, from metal scavengers to biomolecules. Such complex hybrid inorganic-organic networks are an example of a multifunctional material: a relatively simple synthesis route can afford control over several tunable characteristics such as: pore size, shape, spatial distribution and accessibility, inorganic wall nature (thickness, composition, microporosity, crystallite structure and size), pore surface acidity and functionality… The pore systems can also accommodate nano-objects with novel magnetic or optical properties within the matrix. Examples of these systems in selective sensing, molecular filters, decontamination or optoelectronics will be presented.