Materials Research Laboratory

Feb. 16, 2009

Since January 2009, the research activities of the University of Nova Gorica, so far performed by four laboratories, three centres and the institute, have also been conducted by the newly opened Materials Research Laboratory.

Materials Research Laboratory covers research topics from the fields of electronic and environmental materials. Both fields are complementary with respect to the type of materials and physical effects. In the field of eletronic materials, we are currently running projects in the area of multiferroics and magnetoelectric thin films, which will enable the development of a new generation of electronic systems in the fields of information technology, sensors, telecommunications, medicine, transport etc.

The research of environmental materials has gained an enormous momentum on a worldwide scale. Environmental topics represent a major research theme of our university. Hence, we are pleased to contribute to the sustainable growth. Currently, our research focuses on the photocatalytic materials for hydrogen generation by water splitting. The main goal of the research activities of the Materials Research Laboratory is to develop new photocatalysts based on metal oxides, which would exhibit better quantum efficiency and photocorrosion resistance. In order to achieve our goal, our intention is to wstudy transition metal-oxide semiconductor materials which, due to their unique structural characteristics, represent a novelty in the research of this type.

The Materials Research Laboratory is located in the premises of the University’s laboratories at the University Centre in Ajdovščina. The laboratory currently employs four researchers, including a graduate student.

Further information

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