Slovenia: an ideal study destination with high-quality education

Slovenia’s higher education system is characterised by the high-quality of educational services, fully accredited study programmmes, interdiciplinarity of studies, excellent transfer of knowledge into practice, and student-centered and modern teaching approaches. The quality of higher education institutions is closely monitored by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, whereas also the universities themselves also participate in numerous international university ranking systems. Despite its relative small size, the University of Nova Gorica has been demonstrating outstanding results in various global university ranking systems, such as its 201st place in the global Round University Ranking (RUR, 2019). It is worth adding that it is also the excellent ratio between high quality and moderate prices of education is also a factor drawing an increasing number of international students to Slovenia.

Besides high-quality education, various other benefits and country’s assets have been drawing an increasing number of international students to Slovenia:

  • Slovenia is a very safe country, boasting 8th place in the Global Peace Index rankings 2019.
  • It is a country with a remarkably high quality of life (healty environment and lifestyle, quality food and reliable and efficient social and welfare services);
  • The Slovenians are very fluent in foreign languages, at least in English and in another foreign language (Italian/German/French etc.). Even if they might not be fluent in other Slavic languages, they most likely have at least a passive understanding of them. The Slovnians are also very hospitable and friendly and this will undoubtedly make the beginning of your study period in Slovenia much more comfortable.
  • There are state-subsidised student meals, state-subsidised monthly passes for transport, and many other forms of student discounts, eg. discounts on entry tickets for concerts, sightseeing attractions, other events, for fitness gyms and other sports facilities, discounts for various services etc. The UNG University Library for example offers a free membership to its students.
  • Slovenia has a well-established national system of student work and an efficient network of student job agencies providing various student jobs.
  • The student dormitories are well-maintained, clean, affordable and represent a high value accommodation option. In the Goriška Region, international full-time students can also apply for beds in student dormitories.
  • Slovenia is a small country in the heart of Europe, which makes it really easy to travel – within Slovenia, as well as abroad. In case of Nova Gorica, in no more than an hour and a half you can reach Venice or Ljubljana, Croatia and Austria.
  • Last, but not least: we are all amazed by Slovenia’s natural beauties: who has not heard about the world-famous Postojna Cave? Or about our region’s emerald Soča River and the beautiful Alps in the background?

“Studying in Slovenia offers you a unique opportunity to discover the country and its neighbours, the culture, cuisine, Slovenian festivals, nature, the study system, universities, language and gain new knowledge.”
Source: Study in Slovenia

COVID-19 update for prospective students:
The Goriška Region is one of the regions reporting the lowest number of Covid-19 cases in Slovenia (Source: National Institute of Public Health, data of Nov. 6, 2020).

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UNG internatonal students on a rafting trip on the Soča River
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