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will be on 8. September 2021

Distance-learning support at third-level study programmes

Doctoral studies at UNG are characterised by our individual approach to PhD students, which also includes online forms of teaching and learning. In the future we will continue to offer online lectures and seminars to all PhD students who cannot be present at UNG due to health-related, administrative- (visa-related) and accommodation-related or other reasons. Online support is also available to students in the form continuous online communication with their mentors and experts form UNG’s research units, and videoconferencing systems are used for defences of doctoral dissertations. However, a certain amount of students’ individual research work requiring laboratory or fieldwork research, cannot be performed online and will still take place in situ.

Environmental Sciences (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Anton Brancelj

Humanities (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Ana Toroš

Cognitive Science of Language (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Artur Stepanov

Cultural Heritage Studies (third level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Saša Dobričič

Physics (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Gabrijela Zaharijas

Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology graduate study programme (Third Level)
Programme director: doc. dr. Martina Bergant Marušič

Karstology (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Martin Knez

Materials (Third Level)
Programme director: prof. dr. Nataša Novak Tušar

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T: +386 5 3315 234
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