School of Humanities

Slovene Literature I

This course is part of the programme:
Bachelor's study programme Slovene Studies (1st Level)

Objectives and competences

The aim of this course is to make students acquainted with the basic concepts used in literary history and particularly in relation to Slovene literature. Students will make an in-depth and diversified study of the literary opus of selected authors; the emphasis is on the placement of these works in the contemporary world of literature and on the identification of the ways in which these works later become integrated into a wider literary environment.


Not required.

Content (Syllabus outline)

In this course we survey older Slovene literature, from its beginning in medieval times, through the Reformation, Counter-Reformation and the Enlightenment to the beginning of Romanticism. The focus is on the most important literary periods and the most representative authors, who are then put into a wider context of contemporary developments within other European literatures.



  • Brižinski spomeniki. Elektronska znanstvenokritična izdaja. ZRC SAZU, 2007
  • Starejša slovenska nabožna književnost (izbor Igor Grdina). Zbirka Klasje, DZS 1997.
  • Valvasor in sodobniki (ur. Jože Pogačnik). Zbirka Naša beseda, Mladinska knjiga.
  • Cvetnik slovenske vezane besede 1 in 2 (ur. Alfonz Gspan). Slovenska matica 1978, 1979.
  • Izbrana pregledna literatura:

  • Grafenauer: Kratka zgodovina starejšega slovenskega slovstva. Celje, 1973
  • Lino Legiša (ur.): Zgodovina slovenskega slovstva I. Slovenska matica 1956.
  • Nadaljnjo literaturo navedeta predavatelja na predavanjih.


Oral exam

University course code: 1SI102

Year of study: 1

Semester: 1 in 2

Course principal:



ECTS: 12


  • Lectures: 60 hours
  • Exercises: 60 hours
  • Individual work: 240 hours

Course type: obligatory

Languages: slovene

Learning and teaching methods:
lectures, seminars