Join our team and start your double career at this athlete-friendly university.

University of Nova Gorica and Sports

Would you like to to merge your sports career with quality studies at an athlete-friendly university?

UNG has been the first university in Slovenia to offer the status of a student athlete on the basis of the individual evaluation of an athlete’s achievements, taking into account one’s results, achievements and the reccommendations of the relevant sports associations and clubs, regardless of an athlete’s categorization by the National Olympic Committee.

Advantages of studying at UNG for athletes:

  • tailored modes of study (adapted deadlines and examination dates, flexible modes of study, lower attendance of lectures etc.);
  • distance learning – check news for 2020/21;
  • individual approach and small study groups;
  • the possiblility to practise outdoor sports all year round.


Students and graduates – athletes of the University of Nova Gorica