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At the University of Nova Gorica (UNG) we are aware of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and of the needs of athletes to obtain quality education. Strict study regulations have have cut short the sports career of many a promising athlete. On the other hand, there are many athletes who manage to study and at the same time keep on with their sports careers, which helps them become mature and responsible individuals. In order to encourage athletes to take such a career path, we have decided to offer athletes a special scheme of studies, tailored to their needs and helping them them manage both their sports careers and studies.

We are the first university in Slovenia to offer the status of athlete to all athletes who are registered as competitors and who actively take part in competitions. Acquiring the status of an athlete as defined by the National Olympic Committee is not a prerequisite for obtaining the status of athlete at UNG.

Studying in small groups, an excellent teacher–student number ratio, and opportunities for distance learning enable us flexibility in terms of offering athletes favourable conditions of studies and tailoring the studies to the athletes’ needs.

Studies are tailored to the specific needs of individual students–athletes and their coaches. The modifications to a certain extent depend on the selected study programme (for instance, the amount of mandatory practical classes). Certain students–athletes might be exempt from attending lectures, allowed to choose groups for practice sessions, and might adapt exam dates, deadlines for seminar papers or reports, while others might be allowed to be absent for a longer period of time during the academic year.

The mild climate of Goriška region offers favourable conditions for training in winter as well, if compared to other parts of Slovenia, where outdoor sports activities may be difficult to carry out in winter months. The excellent location of the town of Nova Gorica, near the hills and, on the other hand, the Adriatic coast, and the town’s quality infrastructure offer opportunities for practising various sports disciplines. Promising athlets from the Goriška region can thus remain engaged within their local sports clubs and may continue pursuing their careers in sports and studies.

If you wish to know more about the opportunities that we offer to prospective students–athletes, please contact Ms Veronika Piccinini (; +386 5 33 15 260) or the administrative offices of individual schools. We would also be happy to visit your sports club and present the study opportunities at UNG to your athletes.

Download the brochure for international students and staff (information for athletes on p. 22)

How to apply for the status of a student-athlete?

Read the guidelines how to apply for the status of a student-athlete at UNGAthletes at the School of Environmental Sciences
The description of the full procedure is available in the Rules of Adjusting study Requirements to students-athletes of the University of Nova Gorica.

I am a student-athelete. What kind of adjustments of study requirements am I entitled to?

Read the description of adjustments of study requirements and the available tailored modes of study.

What do UNG athletes say about studying with us?

Athletes at the School of Environmental Sciences
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Athletes at the School of Engineering and Management
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News and highlighs

Rok Bratina as member of the national team at the 16th European Championship in Mountain Running , 20 June 2017
University of Nova Gorica at Youth Olympics of Nova Gorica 2017, 1. 6. 2017
Eva Mori elected as Slovenian national team captain, 12 May 2017
Zala Zbičajnik and Gen-i-volley win bronze at Slovenian national championship, 25 April 2017
To be Rok Bratina means … Awesome reading: the blog of Rok Bratina, our Prince of the Julian Alps!, 2 March 2016
Rok Bratina’s success in Kamnje and Batuje, 20 February 2016
Challenge Cup: Great handball atmosphere in Ajdovščina despite Mlinotest losing against the Poles, 16 January 2016 Interview with Slavica Schuster, 9 January 2016
UNG student Zala Zbičajnik and Gen-i Volley handball club in the final four of Slovenian Cup, 4 December 2015
UNG student Slavica Schuster excels again in the European Challenge Cup, 24 November 2015
Presentation of UNG at the reception of the WFC Danilovgrad from Montenegro, 21 November 2015
Interview with Rok Bratina published in the magazine “Tekač”, August 2015
Matija Stupar claims another victory at national championships, July 2015
UNG at the 6th Charity Football Festival in Bilje, June 2015

Mlinotest Ajdovščina Women’s Handball Club wins bronze medal at national championship, May 2015
A student of the University of Nova Gorica – national champion in mountain cycling
Reception of the youth team of the Ajdovščina Women’s Handball Club
Reception of the elite squad of the Ajdovščina Women’s Handball Club

Eva Mori (bottom left), Team Captain of Slovenian National Women’s Handball Team and student of School of Humanities, UNG
Photo: FIVB

Rok Bratina, mountain runner and graduate of School of Humanities, UNG
Photo: Žiga Koren and Klemen Mišič

Urška Kalan, road cycling racer and graduate of School of Engineering and Management, UNG
Photo: Marjan Kelner

Slavica Schuster, professional handball player and student of Graduate School, UNG
Photo: Primož Brecelj

Sports photographs used on UNG main homepage:

  • Volleyball motif: Urban Česnik, volleyball player and UNG student; Photo: Borut Jurca
  • Mountain running motif: motif of Rok Bratina, mountain runner and UNG student; Photo: Uroš Švigelj,
  • Kayaking motif: cooperation between UNG and the Soške elektrarne kayaking club, motif captured at the sports photography workshop organised by the School of Arts; Photo: Miha Godec