In 2012, the University took over the operation of the Alumni Club. We are aware that successful alumni of the University of Nova Gorica are the best promoters of our study programs. The university stands by the alumni and offers them support and information in building their career paths.

Anyone who has completed an undergraduate or postgraduate study program at the University of Nova Gorica becomes a member of the Alumni Club.

Working in a club is voluntary and completely non-binding, but it is pleasant and often very useful. Anyone who wants to participate more actively can get actively involved at any time. Every graduate of the University of Nova Gorica is welcome.

The activities and guidelines of the Alumni Club of the University of Nova Gorica remain the same. The Alumni Club remains an important link between graduates and the University. We carry out various activities to increase the University's connection with alumni and networking among alumni.

We inform alumni about events at the University, faculties and academies. Alumni return to the University in various ways. Let us list only the most common forms of cooperation; they attend annual events at the University, scientific evenings, seminars, lectures and workshops on employment, participate in round tables and in the promotion of the University, attend Alumni Meetings, and much more.

Možnosti sodelovanja po končanem študiju


Alumni klub Univerze v Novi Gorici
Glavni trg 8
5271 Vipava

Nives Štefančič
T: 00386 5 62 05 813
E: alumni.klub@ung.si