Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Purg


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Purg

Associate Professor
Dean School of Humanities

Research activity

Having obtained a PhD in media art, communication science and literary studies from the University of Erfurt (Germany), his scientific inquiries now include media arts pedagogy, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, media art and media ecology. His artistic interests range from (lecture) performances and intermedia installations to public-space interventions as well as participatory creative processes. He is active in the field of cultural and higher education policymaking, assessment and quality assurance.

Research areas and keywords

Digital, intermedia, investigative art; media ecology, communication science, artivism, participatory and community art practice, cross-sector collaboration, social innovation, art&sci&tech, curriculum development, higher education quality, educational policy.

Selected publications

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Selected projects

Peter Purg recently lead the acclaimed MAST – Module in Art, Science and Technology project (DG Connect) and is currently leading School of Arts’ teams in two large-scale projects KONS – Platform for Investigative Arts (EU Cohesion) and DIVA – Art:Biz Innovation Ecosystem (Interreg SI-IT). He curated the 20th international media/contemporary art festival Pixxelpoint 2019.

He successfully lead international projects across art, culture and academia such as ADRIART (Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching), IDEATE (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies) as well as the award-winning HiLoVv (Hidden Lives of Venice on Video) and was Slovenian team leader in the PAIC – Participatory Art for Invisible Communities , EmindS (Erasmus+) and TV Free Europe (Creative Europe) projects. pETER Purg is coordinator of ADRIART.CE, a CEEPUS-supported network of art academies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Mazedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Peter Purg currently leads the New Media module in the Digital//Media Arts and Practices graduate//postgraduate programme at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, where he acts as Associate Professor, projects coordinator as well as expert across realms of digital culture and media. Since december 2021 he is Acting Dean of the School of Humanities. Next to his research and artistic interestes mentioned above, he is active in the field of cultural and higher education policymaking, assessment and quality assurance. He lead the interdisciplinary collective Bobnars United with over a hundred music events, research projects and intermedia productions between 2001 and 2006, as well as conceived anti-consumerism interventions within the Podgana PPP street performance group; he acts as member of juries and boards in and between art and science such as Horizon and S+T+ARTS of the European Comission.
pETER Purg is a renowned external expert on academic quality and is acting president of the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency Council, appointed by the Slovenian Rectors Conference for the 2016-2022 mandate. Currently, he is also serving as member of the Higher Education Council of the Republic of Slovenia. He was member of the Expert Committee for Intermedia Art at the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. He acted as independent consultant or advisor in several artistic, cultural, research and development projects for the public (schools, universities, ministries) as well as across Creative and Cultural Industries.

Leadership functions

  • New Media module lead, School of Arts UNG
  • Acting Dean of the School of Humanities UNG
  • 2006-2012 Programme leader of Media Production Management international study programme at IAM-CMPM (Ljubljana) for Middlesex University (London).


In 2011 he was awarded “Prometheus of Science for Excellence in Communication” by The Slovenian Science Foundation.