This course is part of the programme
Environmental Sciences (Third Cycle)

Objectives and competences

The dissertation represents an original scientific work that must be of good presentation and style, showing evidence of being a significant contribution to knowledge. The work presented in the thesis should be material in principle worthy of publication or patent presentation.

Students are strongly encouraged to publish their work before the dissertation.

Student is able to perform research work alone or as a member of team. Student is competent to plan, perform and coordinate research activities on the field of life sciences, effects of human activities on natural environment, quality of life, research on environmental changes, etc.

Doctoral students obtain adequate English language skills, and scientific and technical terminology in English, so that they can competently and autonomously present the results of their research work to the international scientific community in English.


The dissertation topic and the Supervisor(s) approved by the Senate of UNG.

The student may proceed to his doctoral dissertation defence only if he or she has obtained grade 8 or more in each subject taken within the respective study programme, the subjects being graded according to the existing Slovenian grading system from 1 to 10.


Preparation of dissertation under supervision of mentor(s), nominated by the UNG senate, dissertation submission and thesis defense, as defined in on the formal procedures described in the document of the study regulations titled «Formal procedures for the submission, examination and defense of the dissertation«, published on web pages of UNG: Graduate school regulations

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

• Significant contribution to knowledge
• Original and innovative work
• Student’s capacity to pursue independent research without supervision.
• Publication or patentability potential in English
• Successful defense of the dissertation


Readings are related to the topics discussed in the thesis.

Regulation of the Graduate school of the University of Nova Gorica:
Graduate school regulations


Dissertation and thesis defence are assessed based on the formal procedures described in the document of the study regulations titled Formal procedures for the submission, examination and defence of the dissertation poblished on the UNG web pages: Graduate school regulations

Lecturer's references

Habilitation on relevant field at the University of Nova Gorica.