Objectives and competences

basics of
biochemical processes and molecular biology, focused primarily on plant and yeast cells. Through lectures and seminars the students will get theoretical background in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology and learn about the basic experimental techniques used in the field.

The acquired knowledge will enable the students to critically and objectively judge the novelties in modern biotechnological approaches in fermentation, genetically modified organisms, diagnostics of grapevine, and other related topics.


Knowledge of general and organic chemistry and biology.
It is the basis for understanding the material in subjects where the student meets the molecular basis of biological processes. It relates to the subjects basics of microbiology, plant physiology, plant pathology and enological chemistry.


biological macromolecules: structure and function of proteins, lipids and sugars;

metabolism: metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, aminoacids and nucleotides, photosynthesis, energy metabolism, secondary metabolism, regulation of metabolism, membranes and transport;

molecular biology: structure and function of DNA, replication, recombination, transcription, translation, basic techniques in molecular biology

cell biology and yeast genetics: structure of eukaryotic cell, specific features of plant and yeast cells, yeast genetics and genomics, nature and laboratory strains of yeast;

genetically modified organisms: g. m. yeast strains, g. m. plant varieties, basic techniques used in their design, examples of use of genetically modified organisms in oenology.


Short seminars with demonstration of practical cases- focused on application of biochemistry and molecular biology in oenology and viticulture.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of the biochemical processes in plant and yeast cells on molecular level.



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  • Rodney F. Boyer: Temelji biokemije, 2005, Študentska založba. Catalogue


  • Biochemistry: Free For All / Kevin Ahern, Indira Rajagopal, Taralyn Tan. Oregon State University, 2018 E-version
  • Slides, UNG MiTeam and Moodle classroms

Selected chapters:

  • Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon, Denis Dubourdieu, Bernard Donèche, Aline Lonvaud: Handbook of Enology: The Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications, Volume 1, 2nd Edition, 2006, Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, Anglija. Catalogue
  • Chapter: Biochemistry of Alcoholic Fermentation and Metabolic Pathways of Wine Yeasts. E-version


Seminar assignment is obligatory condition for written examination (seminar/written exam = 30/70)

Lecturer's references

Dr. Martina Bergant Marušič is assistant professor for molecular and cell biology
at University of Nova Gorica.