Practical Placement

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's study programme Cultural history (1st level)


The prerequisite for the recognition of practical placement is passing all first- and second-year examinations.


Students undertake a mandatory 3-week practical placement within the selected company or organization in the field of economy, service sector, public administration, or research and development. The practical placement is based on the study of a Slovene cultural history, a Slovenian program of heritage protection and dealing with documentary and archival sources.
Selection of topic of practical placement:
The school proposes a list of selected contemporary environmental topics and the adjoining list of companies and organisations, where students will study the topics during their practical placement. With the help of the school's coordinator for practical placements, who establishes links with companies/organisations and manages the list of topics, each student selects a topic of practical placement (in special cases and upon prior agreement with the School, the student can select the topic and place of the practical placement on the basis of his/her own choice). The topic defines practical tasks and goals which are to be performed or achieved by the students during the period of their practical placement within a company/organisation. The topic is related to the students’ study field and reflects the interests of the company or organisation and should therefore be of practical value for the company/organisation. The topic of the practical placement matches the topic of the diploma seminar, which the students submit after having successfully completed their practical placements.
The course is designed in a manner requiring the students to work autonomously under the supervision of a mentor within the school or company/organisation. Besides practical tasks, the course also requires students to search for and study various sources of literature related to the problem studied, which later serves as a basis for writing the diploma paper.