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What are the physical laws and principles that govern the world around us? What is the origin of the universe, its evolution and its future? Is the iron in our blood originating in the supernova explosions? What are the properties and applications of advanced materials that enter our daily lives? You can find out more about these exciting topics by enrolling into academic programmes of the School of Science at the University of Nova Gorica, which cover physical phenomena in nature on all size scales.

Physics addresses the phenomena in nature at its most fundamental levels on a variety of dimensional and energy scales. The goals of physics are to build on the current understanding of nature, using careful experimentation and theoretical analysis, to extend our understanding to more complicated systems, such as molecules, fluids, solids and galaxies. We offer academic programmes in natural sciences: BSc in Physics and Astrophysics, MSc in Physics and Astrophysics and MSc in Materials Science. At the UNG Graduate School, there is the possibility to pursue a PhD degree in Astrophysics, Physics or Materials Science.

Excellence and individual approach

At the School of Science, students acquire practical intuition, a knack for approximation, learn about various scientific methods and develop powerful, broadly-applicable problem-solving skills. The advantage of the School of Science is an individual approach to students, where lectures and tutorials are given in small groups. This setup allows students to develop their creativity, originality and adaptability, which gives them a competitive edge in their careers. Furthermore, we offer a modern approach to teaching, both safe in-presence and online learning.

Professors and assistants at the School of Science of the University of Nova Gorica are active researchers. Their research work has been published in the world’s leading scientific journals and it has been awarded the highest prizes in Slovenia for scientific research.

International Environment

The School of Science is a hub of enthusiastic students, researchers and professors from Slovenia and all around the world. The vision of the school is that an international environment increases the competitiveness of the students in their further careers. Furthermore, the research activity of the researchers of the School takes place within international collaborations. Outgoing and incoming students and professors may find support throughout different international mobility schemes and educational projects.

Research-oriented studies

Studying at the School of Science does not mean only learning through lectures and tutorials, but you will be able to be involved in one of the state-of-the art supporting laboratories and centers. For example, students at the School have access to: atmospheric observatory at Otlica, microscopes that see atoms, ultrafast laser and microdevice fabrication. Through the GoChile project, the students in BSc and MSc in Physics and Astrophysics will be able to gain practical experience with astronomical observations and develop research skills with a remote-controlled telescope in an excellent location under the dark skies of Chile.


All the study programmes at School of Science are accredited by the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.


The BSc degree in Physics and Astrophysics is financially supported by the government of the Republic of Slovenia. The support covers the tuition for citizens of Slovenia and other EU countries, as well as for the citizens of Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Monte Negro and Macedonia. Master programmes are not financially supported and are subject to tuition fees. Information on possible scholarships for talented students contact the school office.

Career Possibilities

Graduates that decide to stay in academia may pursue MSc and PhD degrees at the UNG School of Science. In general, the knowledge and skills acquired at the School prepare an open road for many successful career paths, where the analytical and problem solving abilities become strategic. Graduates from the School have also pursued successful careers in education, as well as in the business/finance sector, engineering, consulting, pharmacy and government bodies.


All courses and research work within BSc, MSc and PhD programmes are carried out at the University of Nova Gorica, School of Science, Vipavska cesta 11c, Ajdovščina, where the supporting research laboratories and centers are located. The exception are certain research activities of the MSc in Materials Science that benefit from the facilities of the National Institute of Chemistry and the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana.


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