Master thesis

This course is part of the programme
Materials Science

Objectives and competences

• Master thesis work is obligatory to finish the study
• The student is able to prepare a master thesis based on his/her research and defends
it in front of the committee
• The student is able to independently perform a given research task and present the
results to the professional public in compliance with the ethical principles of scientific


• Master thesis from the field of physics
• The topic is selected in agreement with the supervisor and has to be approved by the
senate of the Faculty.
• The thesis can be prepared in Slovene and English.

Intended learning outcomes

h2. The student is capable of:
- Independent structuring of scientific problem into manageable tasks
- Defining relevant elements of the written work
- Precise description and interpretation of the results of the research work
- Clear presentation of problems and solutions to a group of scientists
- Critical assessment of the results and the acquired literature


Defined with respect to the research field of master thesis and in agreement with the supervisor.


• Evaluation of the written master thesis and defense in front of the committee comprising the mentor, the chair of the study committee and one expert member. The grades are “pass”, “fail”.

Lecturer's references

Doc. Dr. Mattia Fanetti:

Assistant Professor of Physics at University of Nova Gorica

Selected publications:

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  4. EMIN, Saim, DE RESPINIS, M., FANETTI, Mattia, SMITH, W., VALANT, Matjaž, DAM, Bernard. A simple route for preparation of textured WO[sub]3 thin films from colloidal W nanoparticles and their photoelectrochemical water splitting properties. Applied catalysis. B, Environmental, ISSN 0926-3373. [Print ed.], 2015, vol. 166/167, str. 406-412, ilustr., doi: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2014.11.053. [COBISS.SI-ID 3680763]

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