An Exceptional Success of the Female Handball Team Mlinotest Ajdovščina

April 29, 2015

The female handball team Mlinotest Ajdovščina achieved an exceptional success in Ljubljana on Saturday. After many years, they managed to beat the virtually unbeatable female handball team Krim Merctor, who won at the state championship 20 times.

This means that the Mlinotest team, whose player is also a graduate student at the University of Nova Gorica, Slavica Schuster, is probably looking at the third place in the final standing in the state championship in the 2014/2015 season.

The female handball team Mlinotest Ajdovščina, with whom the University of Nova Gorica already signed an agreement on collaboration in 2013, got another confirmation that they belong to the very peak of Slovene handball.

Since we are well aware of the importance of an active lifestyle, especially in one’s youth, we enabled all the sportsmen and sportswomen who study at the University of Nova Gorica to experience study programs that are in in line with current scholarship yet designed in such way that they support the students’ sports goals. We are the first university in Slovenia to offer the status of athlete to all athletes who are registered as competitors and who actively take part in competitions. Acquiring the status of an athlete as defined by the National Olympic Committee is not a prerequisite for obtaining the status of athlete at UNG.

Please find more information on the study for sportsmen and sportswomen at UNG here: “”

Congratulations to the girls and we wish them a lot of success in the future as well!