eLearning (Covid)

Dear Students

We are entering the new school year in a period that is, due to the coronavirus, very unpredictable. We are getting ready for the most organized and complete studying process. In the light of this, we will deliver our study program contents in the following manner:

  • Lectures and exercises will be given in a hybrid form; they will be given in an regular way in the classrooms but will also be live streamed on different platforms (MiTeam, Zoom,…). This will enable the students that cannot be present at the university due to quarantine or any other covid restrictions to follow the lectures. This will also allow us flexible adjustment to potential worsening of epidemic situation – by moving lectures on-line only.
  • Laboratory, research, field works and similar activities that require presence at the university will be adjusted to the current epidemiologic situation with its dynamics and regime following the government regulations (smaller groups in the labs, more lab hours etc…) and assuring the protection measures (distance, masks etc). All students will be informed well in advance to be able to attend these mandatory study activities.
  • In case a worsened epidemiologic situation will not allow the study activities that require mandatory presence at the university to be perform within the school year they will be substituted with suitable videos and documentaries.

We will carefully monitor the situation and be in touch with you for all possible changes.