The Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

This course is part of the programme
Bachelor's programme in Environment (first cycle)

Objectives and competences

Understanding the planning of technological processes for the purpose of environmental protection. Training for assessing technologies with the elements of chemical engineering. Growing/developing the ability to retain critical thinking in dealing with technological development problems; uncertainties concerning possible future environmental damage. Understanding the strategic planning by taking into account health and environmental risk assessment, safety measures in industry and the cost-benefit analysis.


Successful completion of the main 1st-year courses. The course is interdisciplinary related to the course Technologies for Reducing Emissions.


  • Technologies
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Risk assessment
  • Planning
  • Uncertainties in environmental engineering and control
  • Individual seminars

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
Students understand and can explain basic concepts of (i) environmetal engineering, (ii) environmental engineering process-modelling, (iii) examples activities of environmental engineering, (iv) history of environmental pollution and its control (they are acquainted with the early history, air pollution episodes, water and air pollution regulation), (v) environmental hazards and their management (they get knowledge about global hazards, air pollutants, water pollutants and their effects, management of environmental hazards, management of pollutant releases), (vi) introduction to environment engineering calculation (they are inducted into the system of units, units and nomenclature for basic environmental variables, dimensional analysis, treatment of data, propagation error, fitting data) (vii) chemical and physical equilibrium, (viii) rate processes, (viiii) air pollution and its control, (vv) water pollution and its control.


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Seminar paper (30 %), written examination (60 %), oral examination (10 %).

Lecturer's references

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nova Gorica

Dr. Minoo Tasbihi is a young researcher at the Laboratory for Environmental Research since December 2007. She was chosen to receive a PhD fellowship granted by Slovenian Research Agency. She defended her PhD work in December 2010 . In 2011 she got a postdoctoral position at Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Due to maternity leave she returned to Slovenia already in 2012. Dr. Minoo Tasbihi works as a research assistant, she is involved in different projects and she is consulting our diploma and Ph.D. students in the laboratory as well. This year she was promoted to the Assistant Professor position for Chemistry. She has published 9 scientific articles and she holds over 87 citations.

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