Seminarji UNG

25. 11. 2020 ob 13.00uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Tina Šantl Temkiv (University of Aarhus); The role of bioaerosols in cloud formation in the high Arctic

2. 12. 2020 ob 13.00uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Vittorio Venturi (ICGEB, Trieste); Cell-cell signalling in the plant microbiome

16. 12. 2020 ob 13.00uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Andrés Muro (ICGEB, Trieste); Studies on neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and the Crigler-Najjar syndrome

31. 3. 2021 ob 15.00 uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Drupad Trivedi (Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, UK); Metabolomics: a quest for my Star Trek tricorder

5. 5. 2021 ob 15.00 uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Alenka Čopič (Montpellier Cell Biology Research Center, CNRS, France); Function of perilipins in the storage of lipids in lipid droplets

17. 11. 2021 ob 14.00 uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Joaquim Seras Franzoso (Vall d'Hebron research institute, Spain): Extracellular Vesicles in Biomedicine

1. 12. 2021 ob 15.00 uri (MiTeam)
Dr. Karen Cloete, (iThemba LABS and University of South Africa): Unraveling the intricate link between soil microbes (soil yeasts) and plants and the methodologies used to study this interaction