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Jezikoslovno predavanje prof. dr. Yasutada Sudo

V sredo, 13. 3. 2019, bo imel na Univerzi v Novi Gorici predavanje Yasutada Sudo (University College London). Predavanje bo ob 14:10 do 15:30 v predavalnici P2.

Naslov: The dynamics of elliptical identity (joint work with Patrick D. Elliott)

Building on our earlier work (Elliott & Sudo 2016, “E-type readings of quantifiers under ellipsis”, Sinn und Bedeutung 20), we argue (a) that ellipsis identity is (at least partly) semantic, and (b) that the semantic component of the identity condition must be stated in terms of a dynamic notion of content. Concretely, we argue for a new ellipsis identity condition. Crucial evidence for our claim comes from the behaviour of quantificational expressions and modals in elliptical contexts.

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